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The company has a high quality, strong research and development capability and production of experienced professional and technical team, advanced production equipment, detection means perfect, Products indicators in line with a number of international standards
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He Guotian
Hangzhou Regin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. chairman

Regin's history is a witness to the history of the Republic of reform and opening up, the chairman of Mr. He Guotian It is this full of pioneers and witnesses frustrations and glorious history of the development of enterprises.

In 1989, Heguo Tian started in tartaric acid production and sales business, the founder of the collective village enterprises - Hangzhou Linan Jinlong chemical plant, embarked on the wind and rain Venture Road. Initial phase, the annual output of about 150 tons, is the domestic production of tartaric pioneer. To meet the rapid development of the market economy, he led enterprises to actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation, to become the industry pioneer and technological achievements conversion. Under his leadership, in 2003, achieved the first Regin relocation and expansion of production scale upgrade of the plant, and in the same year to obtain import and export right, "Jinlong Chemical" brand products to high-quality Chinese-renowned reputation began, head to the World. 2015, to meet market demand for the supply of products, in bringing Heguo Tian under Regin upgraded to joint-stock company, changed its name to Hangzhou Rui Jingsheng Technology Co., Ltd. and the overall move to the new plant, to achieve the company's second expansion of the upgrade. That time, companies with an annual output of tartaric acid products up to 20,000 tons of scale.

In the reform and opening era wave of market economy flurry in Heguo Tian and he led generations Regin who adhere to pragmatism Officer to slow and steady strategy look for a job, the enterprise from one from the early days 150 tons scale small factory to become an annual output of 20,000 tons of tartaric acid products scale enterprises, out of a Chinese enterprise development called "Regin mode".

He Lei
Hangzhou Regin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. General manager

Fathers took over from the hands of the management of General Manager Mr. Lei banner, it is a proof of Regin to forge ahead, and constantly go beyond the spirit of enterprise in the new era Swiss Microtek. Lei graduated from New York State University Biology has a large international field of vision, and now, he is leading the management team to seize the high ground of scientific research, dedicated to the transformation and upgrading, and upgrade the brand, taking a new path of sustainable development and industrialization, fundamentally on enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

27 road carrier entrepreneurial innovation, market share 27 years of journey, from a single product to a number of products, from traditional to upgrade manpower production for the automation of production, under the leadership of two generations of leaders, Regin enterprise management philosophy of continuous improvement, business constantly face rejuvenation, like blood into the corporate culture from generation to generation Regin human body, and sweat constantly passing through, inherit and carry forward!

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